The 'Retreaters' Speak!

Elizabeth Darst . . . The most magical weekend in a magical place, the green mountains , the firefly meadow. I am so grateful my labyrinth path has joined with these fellow travelers.

Spirit angels really do exist and Jax with his feline tribe & neighbor canine friends served as our animal guides!

I am grateful for the calling that lead me to these green mountains where nature gathered my heart' s longing in the spirit form of the most remarkable gathering of fairy angel female spirits I have encountered on this path of mine. i am grateful to have found Kate's pillow- like embrace and to hear the earth whisper , "you are home, you are home, come rest your head here."



Irene . . .What an amazing group of 11 women ready to set our intentions for a powerful six months ahead. Thank you Gail Condrick and Denise Medved you both are most gracious and loving. Can't wait to see how this weekend in the mountains of NC unfold. My intention is...

Thank you, thank you thank you for opening your great big heart and sharing your wisdom with me. It was all and more I dreamed it to be. Irene