Peacock Cottage Retreats

Awaken Your Creativity
Clarify Your Life Purpose
Expand Your Energy
Three Hours to Transform Your Life!

Private and Semi-Private Sessions

In these half days the full attention will be on you. Your needs will receive my complete focus with a plan that we co-create or you leave up to me. From the moment that the cottage door is open to you, you will be received and treated as the sacred individual that you are beginning with tea in the garden, an understanding ear, your personalized healing day, and finally an action plan to take with you to continue your transformation. Follow up coaching and healing sessions are available by telephone or in person if you desire.

Choose from three modalities on your personalized mind/body/spirit makeover to create your retreat day, or allow me to select for you. Choose from:

  • Energy boosts through Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Inspirational coaching to release your inner strengths and awaken creativity
  • Meditation and Chi gong basic training for relaxation
  • Reiki Sessions to expand your energy
  • Nia private sessions
  • Sacred Contracts Coaching to clarify your life purpose
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Makeovers

For more information about any of these services, and to plan your personal retreat, please contact me.


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