Classes and Events for 2021

Special Events with Gail

  • Please note that in-person events with Gail Condrick including Nia Technique classes and workshops, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Writing Retreats, and Women’s Retreats in North Carolina and Florida will resume when it is considered safe to gather in person again.

NEW! Online or On-Demand Courses


  • You can begin any of these courses TODAY or Register for the next group class experience.

    New in 2021- I am drawing on my love of nature, writing, archetypes, and labyrinths to design virtual creative experiences for you. I have combined my personal practices into new classes and presentations that you can take with a virtual group of ONLINE friends or ON-DEMAND at your convenience.

    All of the following courses are designed to honor and expand your creativity, spirituality and writing/artistic ability. Current on-demand and on-line course include: Deepening Your Connection with Nature, The Art of Observation, Ancient Rhythms: New Connections, and Your Destiny is in your Closet, and more to be released in 2021.

    Each course incudes an inspirational guidebook, writing prompts and art/writing exercises, instructional videos, virtual video walks, a private chat room for participants, and optional ZOOM meetings to connect with me and other participants. Lessons are delivered weekly to you with a continued encouragement to work at your own pace. You will do as much as you are able and complete the course at your own pace.

  • Deepening Your Connection with Nature -
    Create Your Own Journal of a Sacred Encounter

    Four week course begins April 13 or begin On-Demand today!


    Deepen Connection Course.

    Fee: $99. Fee includes all materials and ability to retake the course for a reduced fee. Walking the Grove: Journal of a Sacred Encounter book is included. Contact Gail for more information or to register at Already own the book? Your price will be $79.

    Are you ready to see beneath the surface of your life, to deepen your connection with nature, to find your own Sacred Grove, and to journal about your experiences? In this course you will explore various methods for experiencing nature as a vehicle for a relationship with the Sacred. You'll create a journal for recording the experiences you have and the revelations and messages you receive. You'll be guided in setting up a personal routine for your appointments with nature. You'll explore the plants and animals and weather in the area you select. You will learn special meditation techniques for writers, the richness of adding sensory and research based language to your writing. The course uses Walking the Grove: Journal of a Sacred Encounter, as a primary reference.

  • The Art of Observation

    Six Week Course begins May 11 or On-Demand Today.
    This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for yourself!


    Fee: $120. Fee includes all materials and ability to retake the course for a reduced fee. This course is open to all levels of experience.

    Calling all creatives - writers, photographers and collage fans! If you love to express yourself in words and art- The Art of Observation course is perfect for you. The CONTENT for this course includes information to help you deepen your relationship with the natural world to enhance your writing, photography, and art/collage and to use images and words to transform from nature observer to nature lover. Lessons include tips on becoming a “nature detective,” practicing the skill of intuitive writing and art, creating themed SoulCollage ™ for self-expression and more.

  • Ancient Rhythms: New Connections

    Six Week Course begins in the spring of 2021. Details to be announced soon.

    Fee: $120. Fee includes all materials and ability to retake the course for a reduced fee.
    Ancient Rhythms: New Connections is the third in my series of courses for seekers, writers and artists that are designed to enhance and nurture your creativity and life. In this six-week course I will share with you the intuitive practices I use to enhance my creativity, connect, and stay balanced during the changing rhythms of modern life. In this class you will use the inspirational power of the labyrinth to find your unique artistic and life rhythm using downloadable labyrinths and through weekly virtual video labyrinth walks.

    Ancient Rhythms: New Connections includes information to help you write, collage, photograph, and express yourself with guided exercises based on ancient practices. The weekly lessons include information and inspiration to assist you in finding your own creative rhythm for inspiration. Techniques include the art of bibliomancy, intuitive writing, and development of symbolic sight to enhance your writing, art and life. You will receive downloadable labyrinths and videos of virtual labyrinth walks to enhance your creative development throughout the course.

  • Your Destiny is in Your Closet

    Four Week Course begins in late spring of 2021. Details to be announced soon.

    Fee: $99
    Your Destiny is in YOUR CLOSET! Gail Condrick, Archetypal Consultant is going to dig into her knowledge of soul coaching and show you how and What You Wear Reveals Who YOU Are!

    In this class series you will learn to create a wardrobe that is in alignment with YOUR NOW BODY AND LIFE. The goal is to honor you, and to assist you to feel empowered and confident. Perfect for those in transition and FUN! You will learn the psychology of dressing and the messages your clothes send subconsciously. You will decode your closet, analyze what you hold on to and why, create a dream capsule wardrobe that is perfect for your personality and lifestyle, and learn how to shop for the new you at any price.

  • MORE COURSES PLANNED in 2021-22. Check back for start dates on Your Sacred Contract with Creativity, Archetypal Contracts and SoulCollage, Release Your Inner Athlete/Artist/Healer, and the Dance of Archetypes.

  • Virtual Florida Creativity Conference

    Creativity and the Labyrinth of Your Mind
    March 21, 2021, 9:30 to 11:00 AM EST
    Virtual Conference Sarasota, Florida

    This prestigious conference will be offered as a zoom event over two weekends, March 13- 14 and March 20-21, 2021. Gail is speaking on March 21.

    Creativity and the Labyrinth of Your Mind

    The labyrinth is a walking meditative tool in use since 2000 BCE to center the mind and calm the spirit. As you enter into a labyrinth you release your fears and blocks, find clarity when you reach your center, and receive new ideas and insights to take out into the world. These same meditative benefits can be applied to focus a creative mind -whether you need to be more original or to quiet and select the best of the many options that flood your thoughts. In this workshop, learn the power of the labyrinth to support any creative process or decision you are facing, and the benefits of combining mindfulness with the creative process. Participants will take a video virtual labyrinth walk with the instructor, be provided with a downloadable paper labyrinth to keep and a resource link to find a labyrinth in their community.

    To register for one day or the entire conference and for more information, please go to

  • Spirituality, Nature and the Labyrinth Veriditas Webinar

    Spirituality, Nature, and the Labyrinth Webinar with Lauren Artress
    March 22, 2021
    7:00–8:00 pm EST, 4:00 to 5:00 PM PST

    Registration fee: $25- All proceeds go to support Veriditas, a non-profit. Register at

    Join Veriditas founder, Lauren Artress, and her guest, author Gail Condrick, to discuss Spirituality, Nature, and the Labyrinth just in time for spring. In this webinar Lauren and Gail will explore how cultivating a relationship with the natural world deepens a connection with the Sacred. Just as in walking a labyrinth, nature appreciation can take you step by step into an expanded soul awareness, revealing layers of guidance and solace.

    Whether you observe the natural world by gazing out your window, walking city streets, exploring the woods or by a visit to a Sacred Grove, there are gifts waiting when you listen to the whispered invitations of the world around you. In this webinar, you will receive practical tips to deepen your personal relationship with nature, enrich your sacred connections, and inspire your next labyrinth experience.

  • May- December 2021 TBA
    In-person retreats and Nia Technique classes as well as other courses will likely return in the fall of 2021. Keep checking for latest information.

Previous Events

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