Your Sacred Contract with Nia

A Workshop for Body and Soul
With Gail Condrick, Black Belt Instructor and Sacred Contracts Consultant

Gail offers this workshop in weekend retreats in Florida and at YOUR FAVORITE STUDIO!   Contact Gail to plan yours!

Did Nia change your life? Do you have new relationships, feelings of empowerment, and life changes since beginning Nia classes and intensives? If so, you may have a Sacred Contract with one or more of the archetypes found in Nia, the energies that form your soul agreements in this lifetime.

In this workshop with Gail Condrick, Black Belt Nia instructor and professional Sacred Contracts consultant you will explore common archetypal patterns that emerge in Nia. Are you an archetypal Athlete, Student, Teacher, Healer, Artist or Goddess?

Deepening your knowledge of archetypes will help you understand your life story, what draws you to Nia, and reveal your hidden strengths in life and class.

In this workshop you will:

  • Be introduced to the power of the eighth chakra, your Sacred Contract
  • Meet the archetypes common to Nia
  • Identify and understand your archetypal Nia style
  • Deepen your skills by dancing with your archetypes
  • Tap into the deeper calling of archetypes in your life and business.