Happy Spring!

I love this time of year. This is the season of the promise of transformation, a theme for me, and perhaps for you. Even in Florida, my hibernation is over and it is time to blossom.

I moved to Longboat Key, a barrier island off the coast of Sarasota, in 2007 after a spring vacation break that became one week, then two, and finally three weeks. I did not want to leave. Days of walking on the beach, the beauty and sensation of the wind and salt water, and the healing pace of life relaxed my body and restored my spirit. I slowed down. I watched sunsets and the moon rise and spent time with my journal. My life unfolded with a new desire for a softer life. Before I left I had rented a place to live and was on the move.

I was lucky, as a Nia instructor, I could go anywhere. I found a community of new friends who already loved what I loved and made the transition easier.

Not all transformations are as dramatic as mine. You do not always need to leave a life to start a life. I do believe everybody needs time away to appreciate all that you have and take time for personal reflection, sometimes for an hour, sometimes for a week. This is how to find your inner spring.

I hope that you take a moment to look at the offerings I have designed for you to restore, refresh and fill your life with the promise of transformation. You can come for a Nia White Belt week (or two weekends) for personal growth or to become an instructor, enjoy a White Belt Immersion Day, dive into a Get In Your Body Nia Workshop to discover your inner Sacred Athlete, join me for the Women’s Wisdom Weekend Retreat exploring the Power of the Feminine, or call to set up a complimentary 15-minute phone consult on moving from fate to destiny through archetypal coaching. Read all about in on my events page.

Transformation in Nia comes through Getting Into Your Body, our theme of the 30th Anniversary Year. Transformation through Sacred Contracts comes through discovering your Destiny. Sometimes they are the same.

Let’s grow together.

Copyright © Gail Condrick, 2013

Gail Condrick is a writer and lover of all things earth and ocean living in Sarasota, Florida. Write to Gail