Awakening Your Spirit - Part One

Introduction to Your Sacred Contract

There is a calling, a longing, to find the connections that bring us home to our soul, to find the spirit in our humanity. Caroline Myss calls our soul work our Sacred Contracts; our agreements made before we were born that shape every aspect of our lives and relationships. Imagine how you may live, whom you would forgive, and what you might do if you had an insight into your personal soul plan. Join Caroline Myss certified archetypal consultant, energy worker, and communications specialist Gail Condrick as she guides you into the beginning stages of your own personal soul adventure.

In this workshop you will:

  • Meet four archetypes of survival everyone shares
  • Examine your life through your soul contract
  • Identify two archetypes shaping your life decisions
  • Learn to speak the language of archetypes
  • Awaken to your own sacred place in the world

Once you meet your archetypes in an Awakening Your Spirit workshop you will be forever changed. Your archetypes are old friends waiting to be acknowledged by your conscious mind, waiting to show you your life purpose and to assist you in life choices that match your soul destiny.

Awakening Your Spirit - Part Two