Transformation Quiz

Here is a checklist I created inspired by the music of Jana Stanfield and Nia BEAUTIFUL choreography of my dear friend Winalee Zeeb. How many ideas apply to YOU RIGHT NOW!

  1. YOU are ready for an experience to move your body and your soul, opening and healing your heart.  
  2. YOU have the courage to be vulnerable and authentic, simultaneously opening to your emotions and physical power.
  3. YOU choose positivity and health in your life and are ready to release your potential and possibility. 
  4. YOU want more out of your life experiences.  You are ready to follow the path of your heart, inclusive and open to ALL people.
  5. YOU are ready to step into your purpose, destined to animate your full potential.
  6. YOU choose to discover your own voice expressing what you believe to be real and true. 
  7. YOU choose to live your life with intention opening to the Unknown.  
  8. YOU sense a new power flowing through your body, mind, emotions, and spirit expanding your possibilities. 
  9. YOU are ready to love your uniqueness, to be responsible for your own choices and decisions to create a lifestyle you love.   .
  10. YOU are ready to step in- to discover your power, inspire others, and share your truth to do amazing things.
  11. YOU choose connection, collaboration, and compassion as healthy choices to energize your life.   You are ready to proclaim and live as one with the world.
  12. YOU are ready to let go of any fear that holds you back, to stand tall in your warrior YES!  You may whisper to yourself or shout to others I WISH YOU STRENGTH!
  13. YOU know that when your unique spirit animates, you illuminates all you meet, your courage and commitment inspires others to live courageously.

How many did you check?  Enough to say YES, I AM READY!

I am partnering with AMAZING women to bring you our best.

As teachers we have SO MUCH TO SHARE and YOU give us/me the opportunity to do just that. Please join us at Nia classes, White Belt trainings, energizing retreats or in private sessions from April through August.

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