Student Testimonials

Sure, NIA will give you exercise and keep you in shape. Yet, it's SO much more. Not only will NIA treat your body well, but it gives your mind a chance to rest and lets your spirit out to play. It's like dancing to your favorite music in your own living room.
L.G., artist, age 42

I'm a GUY, and I love Nia. But that's not because I'm in love with the first athletic thing I've done since high school gym class either. I've taken a lot of athletic classes recently: yoga, pilates, T'ai Chi, tennis, swimming, and ice skating. And even as much as I love those classes, I love Nia more. That's because it combines several of the best elements of those other classes and because it's just plain fun. The fact there are almost all women in the Nia class and that it's taught by a great-looking instructor ain't so bad either.
- R.B., lawyer, age 48

The movements are easy, not hard on the feet (which is my problem area) but yet can be as challenging as one wants to make them. I like the music, the free movement, the fun and joy the instructor brings to the class--everything is positive and upbeat. In this busy world, this is an hour that a woman is encouraged to be in touch with herself and feel good about herself, and even feel pretty. We laugh, play, and workout in the process.
-- P.R, homemaker

I would love to give a testimonial. This would be from the perspective of a 55-year-old woman with a fairly significant history of participation in grunt and sweat aerobics. Finding NIA was a gift! To be able to administer to the mind, body and spirit in the company of women is something to be cherished. Thank you.
-- C.T., Social Worker, 55

I've certainly never been an "exerciser " before but this has really stuck. I am in my third year of NIA now and will keep going because the body - mind - spirit connection of each class has proven to be pricelessly beneficial to my well - being. The whole class is a positive energy field which makes me feel safe. And, I confess - rolling around on the floor or a mat at the end of the class makes me downright happy!
C.S., actress, age 31

I really enjoyed your class and felt so much more flexible in the hips and spine. I love your energy, music, the dance, and all your moves--NIA is so human friendly. Also, as a former water aerobics teacher, I fully appreciate all that goes into developing such an enjoyable class.
L.M., teacher, age 42.

My instructor is very affirmative-meaning she makes me feel very positive about myself-because she is very positive about herself. And her beauty is shining through her eyes. I think the movement has given her a sense of peace that enables her to share it with others through her example.
L.L, Director, age 48.

Nia has helped me loosen my joints, control my weight, helps keep body, mind, and spirit in balance.
J.H., computer analyst, age 50.

The only way I can describe it is it is soul food for the spirit and a sort of musical massage for your body. The classes are non-competitive, and I love this . . . we all work at the level that our body feels like when we come to class. Our wonderful instructor, Gail, inspires us to just come and experience the joy of movement through music in total abandon . . . to just enjoy this hour for only is your time and yours alone to nurture yourself in a way that you need it. The physical benefits follow . . . my blood pressure is record low, no more cholesterol problems and my energy soars.
C.L., government manager, age 51.

I truly would never have guessed your age! You seem absolutely ageless. Thank you so much for the energy and sense of community that you share with us. I am so appreciative of your gentle have truly taught me to allow myself to experience joy and to take time for myself (body, mind, and soul).

The martial arts part of Nia gives me the exercise to maintain muscle strength.the calming effects of yoga and tai chi help me to reduce stress and clear my mind.the spiritual benefits of Nia come in the form of the communications through friendships I have made in my Nia class. The sense of spiritual wholeness integrated through the body-mind-spirit connection provides me with a sense of well being throughout my personal life.

As a teacher and coach the benefits are many.... excellent group activity for bringing people together in a non threatening is pure unadulterated FUN ....a great workout....spiritually uplifting and soul releasing....and inter and intra-active. MUSIC IS GREAT! And we could not have been led by a more charismatic and vivacious instructor whose very essence lives and breathes the Nia philosophy.
M. Z.

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