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Your Sacred Contract is the agreement made before you were born to experience certain life lessons and to bring your unique talents to the world. To complete your contract you are given everything you need: the people and situations and life challenges for your soul development and life. You are also given characteristics and strengths that feed into your task, we call these archetypes.

The four basic archetypes that everyone shares are the Prostitute (tests of faith), the Saboteur (tests of choice), Victim (tests of self-esteem), and the Child (tests of innocence).

These are survival archetypes that represent the fears, issues and vulnerabilities that you need to overcome as part of your Sacred Contract. Each archetype has both light and shadow attributes that influence your life choices.

Your Survival Archetypes

Your soul choice is the Wounded Child.( Sample is Wounded Child, other child archetypes, the Magical Child, the Divine Child, the Orphan Child, the Nature Child will have different interpretations). This means that the family that you were born into was contracted to deliver the lessons of wounding to you. Overcoming these lessons with genuine gratitude and an understanding of why it was needed to shape and support your soul mission is key to spiritual development and genuine forgiveness. Moving into forgiveness and using the pain of your wounds to experience deep compassion for others is the positive side of this archetype. The shadow side of the wounded child is blaming failed relationships on your parents as reason for why you can not achieve success or trust as an adult, a dysfunctional pattern. While you may be intellectually sophisticated and feel an understanding on this you will always feel a gut level wound when you are rejected by anyone that will be deep and painful. Recognizing that your Wounded Child is reacting instead of the adult will bring you back into balance. Tests of the wounding will always be present; in fact, you will attract wounding throughout your lifetime to give you the opportunity for growth. The empowered wounded child feels the hurt, recognizes the lesson and bounces back. Often this also results in a determination to make the world safe so that others do not share the same experience of wounding.

The archetypal Prostitute brings you life long tests of establishing what is not negotiable for your soul. Negotiation occurs when you are threatened and fear for your physical survival or your place in the world. This is a universal test for all souls that answers the question, can you bought? What will it take for you to “sell out?” what is your “price?’ What will you do for financial success? Answering this question is a life long issue and alerts you to the times that you are selling your opinion, good name, or other because you are afraid. This is a wonderful ally to have in your life and a true soul companion to develop spiritual and personal strength to go against the crowd when necessary because there is no price that can purchase you. Developing self-esteem and self-respect are key in the lessons of this archetypal pattern.

The archetype of the Saboteur represents an understanding of the ways in which you betray yourself and your abilities to alert you to make good choices. When you sabotage yourself it is usually related to fear of some kind or setting up situations that are bound to fail. Then the saboteur can say to you, you see, we knew we could not really do this which launches a cycle of low self-esteem. For example, if you plan to go on a diet and exercise program and set unrealistic goals. It is very helpful to make a list of the things that get you off track or off mission and see how you may be sabotaging your personal goals. In this way the archetype of the saboteur becomes your best friend because when you realize where you may be sabotaging yourself you can make new and more positive choices and thank your saboteur for showing you where you are weak.

The archetype of the Victim delivers life long lessons of alerting you to when you are about to be victimized so that you can take appropriate action to ensure that you are not a victim. The Victim tells us when we are using being victimized as an excuse for not being our best…it is always someone else’s fault that we are failing and not our own. The test of the victim is to look at what you are doing that is blocking your own empowerment and then to be sensitive to when others try to victimize you so that you create personal boundaries to make that impossible. On a soul level, you will be sensitive to victimizing others as you mature in your own victimization process. When you think empowered victim, think self-esteem and taking personal responsibility. This situation is my responsibility so what can I do differently? When you use your victim to point out where you can shift your energy and your personal power you will be victorious, not victimized.

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