"Your knowledge and ease with which you impart that knowledge of this subject was more than reassuring. You're such an excellent teacher. I could have listened to you talk about archetypes forever. I loved the ease and camaraderie that I had with you and the others in the workshop. The ability to open up and really talk was very important for me. The most notable is my reactions now to other people. I seem to have a much more open outlook toward the reason why I react to others or they react to me. I try to "see" the reasons for all my interactions and it's really a cool thing to do - now I just need to connect them to my archetypes. It's an ongoing learning experience. I hope - no - I will never let that go away." P.D.

"I would recommend the workshop to my "enlightened" friends, and tell them if they truly want to know more about themselves they should take this workshop. What I liked best about the workshop was discovering "truths" about myself; even those I probably didn't want to admit were a part of me." V.B.

"Thanks for Sunday's workshop! It was fascinating information and I appreciate all the time you put in developing a lovely afternoon." S.N.

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