What is an Archetypal Consultant?

For three years, Gail Condrick studied the nature of Sacred Contracts at CMED, the Caroline Myss Educational Development Institute, learning how to assist individuals to identify and interpret the archetypal patterns that comprise their own Sacred Contract. The study of Sacred Contracts is a rich and complex undertaking requiring the support of several other fields of knowledge, including theology, exploring the different psychic fields between fate and destiny and how to move forward into the energy of your destiny, the application of archetypal patterns to healing, using archetypal insight for problem solving and creative expression. Additionally, students learned to work with an expanded profile of thirty-six archetypes, providing individuals with a panoramic overview of their entire life's journey during an archetypal reading.

After these years of training and continuing post-graduate work with Caroline Myss, Gail is offering her ability to do archetypal interpretation of an individual's Sacred Contract. The experience of having a chart interpretation is life transforming; further, there is no other tool on the market that can offer an individual the quality and depth of insight that comes from an exploration of one's Sacred Contract.

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What is an Archetypal Consultant?

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