Archetypes at Work

Do you have daily challenges with people who are creating stress in your life? Is your health influenced by the personalities in your office?

Learn to turn challenges into personal growth with The Archetypes in the Office Seminar and change your days at work forever!

Maybe you have an office Mother who looks after everyone or a Gossip who keeps you posted on the latest information? Is there an office Bully who challenges you? A Queen or King who rules the office but is not necessarily the boss? A Vampire who pumps you for information or a Mentor who helps you achieve your highest potential? These are just a handful of the archetypes, or symbolic personalities, that we will explore in the Archetypes in Your Office Seminar. Archetypes have personality traits that shape your life, your stress level, and your health and the good news is that YOU NEED THEM for your own empowerment and well-being.

In this workshop you will:

  • Meet the common archetypes that are in your office.
  • Understand the four archetypes of survival everyone shares
  • Examine your life at work through your archetypes
  • Identify how the challenges in your office shape your life
  • Learn to see your office environment symbolically
  • Decrease your stress and use your new knowledge to empower your life

Join Caroline Myss certified archetypal consultant and communications specialist Gail Condrick as she guides you into the beginning stages of your own personal adventure.

For more information, contact Gail.

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Archetypes at Work

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